Returning Nationals & Citizenship


For information on returning to Barbados permanently as a returning national please consult the 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade

Key Requirements: To qualify as a Barbadian Networker (Returning National) a person must meet 
all of the following  requirements:

1. Barbadian citizenship (by birth, registration, descent or naturalization)
Reside outside of Barbados for at least 10 years immediately preceding their return to Barbados. (A person 
    is not required to have  citizenship for  10 years if they are eligible for citizenship by descent and have 
    formally applied for Barbadian citizenship)
3. Permanently returning to Barbados.
4. Not previously a Networker.
Must not have lived in Barbados for six months  (183 days) in any calendar year during the 10 years immediately preceding their return.

The previous age requirement of40 year has been discontinued: there is no longer an age requirement.  In addition, the previous requirement that 
the Networker should have previously lived in Barbados for 183 days before residence overseas has also been discontinued.

Read More: Returning Nationals Information Booklet 2013   ReturningnationalsinformationbookletAugust262013.pdf
Returning Nationals

Required Documents for Barbadian Citizenship by virtue of Marriage

  1. BulletBdos Citizenship Application form.pdf (Need to be notarized)

  2. BulletApplicant's Birth Certificate

  3. BulletHusband's or wife's Birth Certificate

  4. BulletDocument of citizenship if not Barbadian by birth

  5. BulletMarriage Certificates

  6. BulletThree passport size photographs, one certified by Justice of the Peace or Notary Public

  7. BulletApplication fee of $150

  8. BulletIf approved - final fee of $750

  9. BulletIf previous marriage(s) was/were terminated - appropriate Death Certificate or Divorce


  1. BulletCertificates/Documents in a foreign language must be accompanied by an OFFICIAL

       English translation

  1. BulletREAD MORE:

  2. BulletAddress: Immigration Dept is Careenage House, The Wharf, Bridgetown, Barbados

Applying for Barbados  Citizenship

Webmaster:  Dr Sharon Squires

Citizenship Forms

There have been many changes to help facilitate the return of Barbadian citizens.  Returning Nations are now assisted by the Barbados Networkers Program.  The Facilitation Unit for Returning Nationals (FURN) was established on February 16, 1996 when Cabinet approved the Charter for Returning and Overseas Nationals.  The FURN was officially launched on March 8, 1996.  Government recognized that there was a need to involve returning and overseas nationals more fully in the development of Barbados.  Government has instituted to facilitate their resettlement and to offer information and advice pertinent to resettlement. The Unit was renamed the BARBADOS NETWORK PROGRAM effective September 01, 2010

To learn more about the attractive package of concessions for Returning Nationals. Please read  the  revised Returning nationals information booklet - August 26,2013

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Barbados Networkers Programme Made Easy
Main Purposes of the Barbados Networkers Programme

1. Duty free entry by the Networker of their household effects, tools/equipment of their trade or profession and one vehicle per family into Barbados.

2.Simplify and facilitate the resettlement process in an easy to manage and hassle free manner.

3.Maintain a register of the various skills and expertise which Networkers may be able to use in the further development of Barbados.

FIVE Easy Steps to Take!
Persons considering returning to Barbados should take the following steps:

Immediately consult our website  ( and click on  Barbados Networker for full information on the Networkers programme.

2. Contact the nearest Barbados Consulate/Embassy, or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Consular Division), for any further clarifications as needed.

Make their own arrangements to ship their personal effects and/or vehicle. Returnees are allowed a period of up to three months before and three months after they return to import their items.

4. Four (4) weeks prior their return to Barbados, submit to the nearest Barbados Mission, or to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (email, fax or telephone), their name, pass port number, date of birth, estimated date of arrival in Barbados and a contact phone number in Barbados.

Await a telephone call (after arrival in Barbados) from personnel from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a date for an interview.

For full Returning National information click here

Returning Nationals who remit funds to Barbados, either over a period of time or in lump sum from an external source, may apply to the Central Bank of Barbados (the Bank) to remit these funds together with the relevant documentation as follows: 
-        evidence that the funds were initially remitted to Barbados from an external source; 
-        a copy of the relevant bank statement; and 
-        a Tax Clearance Certificate. 

As residents, Returning Nationals are not required to register or declare their capital inflows. However, individuals are encouraged to maintain adequate records as evidence of their flow of funds to Barbados. 
As such,  Returning Nationals may submit requests to the Bank along with the requisite documents, for the approval of remittances to service any external obligations. 

Returning Nationals who consistently receive foreign exchange receipts in the form of pension payments or the like, can consider applying for a foreign currency account through their commercial bank. 
The related requirement for such, is that 70% of foreign exchange receipts must be converted to Barbados dollars by selling the foreign exchange to their respective commercial bank, while the remaining 30% can be retained in the Returning National's foreign currency account.