Q: I have a Barbados passport that has just expired. Can I use it to travel from the US to Barbados and get it renewed in Barbados?
      A: No, you cannot use an expired Barbados passport to travel from the U.S. to Barbados.

Q: I am a US citizen. Do I need a visa to travel to Barbados
      A: No, you do not need a Visa to travel to Barbados if you are a US citizen.
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Q: Do I need to have my Barbados passport application notarized before I send mail it to the Barbados Consulate at Miami?
      A: Yes, your passport application must be notarized.

Q: I am traveling to Barbados with a valid Barbados passport. Can I use this passport for re-entry into to the US?
      A: No. you must have a valid US Visa, a Green Card or a valid US passport for re-entry into to the 

Q: Are there special requirements for the passport photo that I send with my Barbados passport   
     A: Yes. The photos must be full face, in color and they have to conform to the required dimensions  
          that are stated on the application form.

Q: Where should I mail the completed passport application if I live in Atlanta or the Southeast USA?
      A: All completed Barbados passport applications from Atlanta area and the Southeast USA must be   
           mailed to the Barbados Consulate at Miami, Florida.

Q: Can we take our dogs and other pets with us on my vacation to Barbados?
      A: No you cannot bring pets to the island.

Q: Can I complete the Barbados passport application for my parent or elderly relative
      A: No, you cannot complete the passport application process for another person. The Applicant must   
           sign the application in front of a Notary Public.

Q: Can I send copies of requested documents like Birth Certificates with the passport application? 
      A: No. You must send all original documents with the passport application. All of your original 
          documents will be returned.

Q: What should I do if my passport is lost or stolen? 
      A: You must fill out a police report if your old passport is lost, missing or stolen. If you have misplaced 
            your old passport you must also fill out a lost passport form.

Q: Will my passport be delayed if my pictures are not the correct size or format?
      A: Yes, small issues with your passport photos can delay the processing of your application.

Q: Can the Honorary Consul waive the document fees that I have to send with my passport application?
      A: No. Document fees cannot be waived by the Honorary Consul. The fees are set by the government 
          of Barbados.

Q: Can my Barbados passport application be processed in Atlanta
      A: No, the passport application has to be processed by the Barbados Consulate in Miami, Florida.      
           The Barbados Honorary Consulate in Atlanta does not process passport applications.
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